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Starting with One: Ep.19 – The Importance of Trusts & Power of Attorney with Suzanna Winsborough

Estate lawyer Suzanna Winsborough, Partner at KMB Law, is back with Al & Robin to walk them through the different types of trusts as she explains why naming the right trustee is critical when it comes to fulfilling the duties exactly as you intended and to ensure that assets and funds are distributed accordingly. Suzanna also answer questions surrounding the importance of designating a Power of Attorney to act on your behalf if you become mentally incapable.

Starting with One: Ep. 18 – Addressing Obesity in the Workplace with Dr. Sasha High

In this episode, Al and Robin are joined by Dr. Sasha High, medical director of the High Metabolic Clinic, to learn a better understanding of the complexities of obesity and why employers need to consider the affects of this chronic medical condition on their workforce while offering non-judgmental support for obese employees. Dr. High discusses the difficulties that obese colleagues face and why obesity is a disease that warrants medically-supervised, compassionate treatment in order to achieve longterm health and stability.

Starting with One: Ep. 17 – Special Edition – Understanding the Changing Covid-19 Landscape with Ian Ash

Ian Ash, co-founder of market research agency DIG Insights, is back with Robin and Al to discuss new attitudes and growing optimism as we move slowly through the phases of the Covid crisis. DIG’s ongoing research delves deep into consumer behaviours and experiences while providing insights across a variety of categories such as financial hardships, mental health, personal health, retail landscape, government & the economy.



Starting with One: Ep.16 – The Importance of drafting a Will with Suzanna Winsborough

Estate lawyer Suzanna Winsborough, Partner at KMB Law, joins Al & Robin to explain why the creation of a will is such an important element in any individual estate plan. Learn how a will can be used to direct your assets in complex situations and why choosing a capable estate trustee is a key factor in managing the scope of your assets.


The Benefits Corner: Episode 20-Meghan Vallis

This is it folks!  The last episode-our 2018 wrap up show!  Tune in to hear Megan Vallis and I review the top developments of the year.  Meghan is the Senior VP of Consulting at Apri Insurance Services Inc.  As one of the industry’s brightest stars, it was amazing to hear her thoughts on these topics.  We cover everything from National Pharmacare, Pharmacogenetics, Virtual Care, HSA’s and even give you a warning that the Robots are coming!  Finally, Meghan lays out her predictions for 2019.  It’s been a great year for the podcast.  I hope you have enjoyed it! RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 19-Katie Denis

Katie Denis is Director of Human Resources at Bennington Financial Services Corp in Oakville, Ontario.  In this episode, we dig into the role HR Professionals play in business and how that position has changed over the years.  Listen in as Katie shares how she grew her own position from the ground up and challenges she faced along the way.  This podcast has been a long time coming, and I definitely was not disappointed by some of the gems that Katie shared during our conversation.  This episode was a fun one to record.  I hope you enjoy it.  RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 6-Matt Butters RBC Insurance

How does someone with a mathematics/actuarial background become the National Sales Leader for RBC Insurance? In this episode, we chat with Matt Butters of RBC Insurance.  We learn a bit about Matt’s background and how he found his way into employee benefits sales and why his education in the U.S. made him realize why he had to return to Canada.  He further fills us in on what he sees as challenges in the industry and how RBC Insurance is uniquely positioned to address some of those challenges.  I had a great time listening to what Matt had to say and I hope you do too.  Enjoy! RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 5-The Partner Podcast

In this episode my business partners Al McDonald and Joe Ferreira join me on The Benefits Corner.  Al speaks to us about his role at Life & Legacy Advisory Group that includes Financial Planning, Estate Planning and as well as a new tool that he’s using with his clients.  Joe fills us in on what Living Benefits are and why they’re important.  The guys also talk to us about how they’ve created lifetime relationships with their clients.

The Benefits Corner: Episode 2-Gerald Ching

Gerald Ching is the owner and head coach at MAFA 1991 as well as the Canadian National Coach for the World Amateur Kickboxing Association.  Gerald has achieved longevity in an industry that many struggle to do so.  In this episode he outlines his thoughts on being an entrepreneur, starting a business and bringing in the next generation. Finally, Gerald shares his advice for new business owners.

The Benefits Corner: Episode 4-Dave Patriarche

Dave is the President and Founder of the CGIB (Canadian Group Insurance Brokers) Association.  He is passionate about the employee benefits industry and is a recognized leader and contributor to various Industry publications.  Listen in as Dave talks about the 800 pound gorilla, what the CGIB is all about and what advice he offers to new entrants into our industry.  Finally, we learn a bit more about who Dave is and why he’ll certainly be a return guest on our show.  Enjoy!