Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Benefits Corner: Episode 14-Rory McDonell

What does it take to be a top performer? How can one achieve elite levels of success while raising up others with you?  These are some the things I dig into with Rory McDonell, Head Coach and Owner of Para Bellum MMA.  Rory has an incredibly varied and interesting story.  Tune in to hear what makes a winner persevere when everything is taken away, how every connection you make is important, and how process can help you to win 90% of the time.  Whether you’re a fan of martial arts or not, every person running a business will see the parallels between Rory’s story and your own.   Success leaves clues, and Rory’s story is no exception.  I found the conversation fascinating, I hope you enjoy it. RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 13-Barb Martinez

Barb Martinez is the National Practice Leader, Drug Benefit Solutions, Great-West Life. Barb supports sales offices across Canada on prescription drug management initiatives.  She plays a key role in supporting advisors and their clients, including designing and managing drug benefit plans with Great-West Life Drug Solutions.  Barb’s knowledge and strategic thinking make her one of the most sought after speakers and contributors in the employee benefits industry today.  Tune is as we discuss issues such as rising drug costs, pharmacoeconomics, specialty drugs as well as biologics and  how they are adding to these rising costs.  Barb also dives into the SMART program that Great-West Life has rolled out.  Whether you are a business owner, plan sponsor or a plan member, this is an episode you’ll want to listen to.  I had a great time speaking with Barb. I hope you enjoy it!

The Benefits Corner: Episode 12-Dean Benard

Wow! Was this ever a fun podcast to do with Dean Benard from Benard & Assoicates! Dean is an investigator, mediator, coach and entrepreneur who has had quite an eclectic career.  Believe me, this is not your typical investigation firm. Dean and his team are experts with the background to prove it! The team at Benard & Associates offer multiple solutions for managing conflict and addressing workplace issues.  Dean is living proof that there are no mistakes, that every phase of your career helps you form the successful person you are meant to become!  We hear why Dean pursued a slightly different path when it came to offering an employee benefit plan and the challenges he faces as a business owner. You won’t miss Dean’s enthusiasm for all things in life in the podcast.  I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.  RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 11-Managing Cannabis in the workplace

Managing Cannabis in the workplace is a big topic these days, so we we’re very happy that employment lawyer Rich Appiah returned to the show to do a deep dive on the subject.  In this episode, Rich talks to us about employer concerns, accountabilities and considerations.  He goes into issues around work safety, workplace performance, the human rights code and disability and how it relates to cannabis in the workplace.  We also hear some great advice on drug & alcohol policies as well as key take-aways.  As always, Rich provides valuable examples that help explain the topic in greater detail.  Finally, we get a peak into what Rich has learned since his jump into entrepreneurship.  I hope you enjoy it! RB