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The Benefits Corner: Episode 10-Louis Isabella CPA, CA, MBA

Can you believe we’re at 10 episodes already?  Ok, number 10 is a special episode as we have on Chartered Accountant Louis Isabella.  Louis’ career spans over 20 years and he has significant expertise in working with small-medium size businesses.  In this episode, Louis talks to us about areas business owners need to be on the lookout for, his proven process he uses with his clients, and some ways for businesses to mitigate risk within the company.  Finally, Louis shares his thoughts on why he went the non-traditional route with his employee benefits program and why he couldn’t be happier.  I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you do too.  Enjoy! RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 9-James Guest

In Episode 9 we speak with James Guest of Sun Life.  During the show, we explore a very hot topic being Medical Cannabis and how Sun Life became the first major carrier in Canada to provide coverage through an employee benefits program. Sun Life will be releasing a Bright Paper on this topic shortly so we’ve included links below.  We also chat about how artificial intelligence (AI) is helping Canadian employees lead healthier lives with the help of a digital benefits coach named Ella.  Finally, we hear about a new program that Sun Life is offering called the Rotational Leadership Development Program.  James is a clear example of how well the program is working to develop future leaders in our industry.  (links below).  I had fun recording this one with James.  I hope you enjoy it.




The Benefits Corner: Episode 8-Gary Mitchell

In episode 8, we sit down with Gary Mitchell, President of GroupSource.  Gary has a really interesting background in the employee benefits industry spanning 30 years.  If you don’t know Gary, or haven’t heard of GroupSource you’ll definitely want to know both after this podcast.  As a business owner himself, Gary’s perspective on running a company and offering a benefits plan is quite insightful.  I really enjoyed sitting down with him to learn his thoughts on the industry.  I hope you enjoy it as well.