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Success Leaves Clues: Ep. 39 ~ Erica Rankin, CEO & Founder of Bro Dough

Erica Rankin describes herself as “a bit of a weir-dough.” Founder & CEO at Bro Dough, Erica took her passion for her favourite childhood treat and turned it into a growing business, creating a unique product for consumers who prioritize their health & fitness goals but still want to indulge in a tasty nutritious snack. Her vision was to create a world where someone can eat an entire jar of cookie dough and still feel good about themselves – proof that with a little entrepreneurial spirit, you can have your dough, and eat it too!

Starting with One: Ep. 29 ~ Success Leaves Clues with Jason Brass

Jason Brass, President & CEO at Terra Cotta Foods, turned a small cookie manufacturer from niche market supplier into a key player in the Canadian manufacturing market and continues the process of expanding their footprint even further. He shares his journey of growth and success with Robin & Al, in a conversation celebrating his hands-on entrepreneurial spirit.

“We enhance the lives of many, and it all starts with one…”

This episode is sponsored by Life & Legacy Advisory Group and Aria Benefits.