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The Benefits Corner: Episode 20-Meghan Vallis

This is it folks!  The last episode-our 2018 wrap up show!  Tune in to hear Megan Vallis and I review the top developments of the year.  Meghan is the Senior VP of Consulting at Apri Insurance Services Inc.  As one of the industry’s brightest stars, it was amazing to hear her thoughts on these topics.  We cover everything from National Pharmacare, Pharmacogenetics, Virtual Care, HSA’s and even give you a warning that the Robots are coming!  Finally, Meghan lays out her predictions for 2019.  It’s been a great year for the podcast.  I hope you have enjoyed it! RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 19-Katie Denis

Katie Denis is Director of Human Resources at Bennington Financial Services Corp in Oakville, Ontario.  In this episode, we dig into the role HR Professionals play in business and how that position has changed over the years.  Listen in as Katie shares how she grew her own position from the ground up and challenges she faced along the way.  This podcast has been a long time coming, and I definitely was not disappointed by some of the gems that Katie shared during our conversation.  This episode was a fun one to record.  I hope you enjoy it.  RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 18-Dr. Angus Franklin MD, Ph.D

So we’ve heard the insurance carriers talk about the value of Pharmacogenetic Testing for several months now.  But what about physicians?  What do they really think about this topic?  I decided to find out.  In the episode, we speak with Dr Angus Franklin.  Not only is Dr Franklin a practicing physician, he’s also a Ph.D in molecular genetics.  Tune in as we take a deep dive into this topic, along with a few others for good measure.  I had a great time speaking with Dr. Franklin.  I hope you enjoy it! RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 17-Dan Henry Sun Life

Dan Henry is the Regional Vice President, Central and Atlantic Canada for Sun Life Financial.  He is accountable for developing and delivering Sun Life’s value proposition-innovative benefit solutions and exceptional customer experiences. In this episode, I sit down with Dan to find out what the folks at Sun Life have been up to.  Listen in as Dan talks to us about Sun Life’s new Personal Spending Account (PSA) and why it’s already garnering attention across the industry.  We also chat the company’s key strategies to continually recruit and retain exceptional people.  Dan is passionate about the industry and it comes through in our conversation.  I really enjoyed my conversation with Dan.  I hope you enjoy the podcast. RB



The Benefits Corner: Episode 16- Stacey Ziebarth

Stacey is a woman of many passions.  She is a business owner, teacher and mother of two.  Through her business’ she has won the Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Award and has been recognized with a 40 under 40 business award. Most recently, she was featured as 1 of 20 women in the Suffragette City photo exhibit to recognize female leaders, role models, mentors and creatives shaking things up in Hamilton.  In an effort to bring more balance to her client’s lives, Stacey has recently become a meditation teacher and opened one of Hamilton’s first Float Therapy studios, Zee Float.  Tune in as we take a deep dive (pun intended) to see what floats her boat (also intended).  My conversation with Stacey was both interesting and fun.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 15-Ken Bowman, RBC Insurance

Ken Bowman is the Head of Claims at RBC Insurance.  I knew after seeing him speak at a recent event that I had to have him on the podcast.  Ken has a real passion for helping clients through partnering with organizations to create innovative solutions that drive better outcomes. In this episode, Ken shares with us some recent innovations at RBC Insurance.  He talks about how the ONWARD program is making a real difference in the lives of people struggling with mental health issues. Next, he explains how the Medical Confidence program is getting employees back to productive employment much more quickly.  Finally, Ken introduces us to a new Pain Management app that is sure to help both patient and doctor find treatment much more efficiently.  You’ll hear the passion in Ken’s voice as he speaks about these initiatives and you can tell he cares.  For this reason alone, it was a great pleasure having Ken on the show.  I hope you enjoy it.  RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 14-Rory McDonell

What does it take to be a top performer? How can one achieve elite levels of success while raising up others with you?  These are some the things I dig into with Rory McDonell, Head Coach and Owner of Para Bellum MMA.  Rory has an incredibly varied and interesting story.  Tune in to hear what makes a winner persevere when everything is taken away, how every connection you make is important, and how process can help you to win 90% of the time.  Whether you’re a fan of martial arts or not, every person running a business will see the parallels between Rory’s story and your own.   Success leaves clues, and Rory’s story is no exception.  I found the conversation fascinating, I hope you enjoy it. RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 13-Barb Martinez

Barb Martinez is the National Practice Leader, Drug Benefit Solutions, Great-West Life. Barb supports sales offices across Canada on prescription drug management initiatives.  She plays a key role in supporting advisors and their clients, including designing and managing drug benefit plans with Great-West Life Drug Solutions.  Barb’s knowledge and strategic thinking make her one of the most sought after speakers and contributors in the employee benefits industry today.  Tune is as we discuss issues such as rising drug costs, pharmacoeconomics, specialty drugs as well as biologics and  how they are adding to these rising costs.  Barb also dives into the SMART program that Great-West Life has rolled out.  Whether you are a business owner, plan sponsor or a plan member, this is an episode you’ll want to listen to.  I had a great time speaking with Barb. I hope you enjoy it!

The Benefits Corner: Episode 12-Dean Benard

Wow! Was this ever a fun podcast to do with Dean Benard from Benard & Assoicates! Dean is an investigator, mediator, coach and entrepreneur who has had quite an eclectic career.  Believe me, this is not your typical investigation firm. Dean and his team are experts with the background to prove it! The team at Benard & Associates offer multiple solutions for managing conflict and addressing workplace issues.  Dean is living proof that there are no mistakes, that every phase of your career helps you form the successful person you are meant to become!  We hear why Dean pursued a slightly different path when it came to offering an employee benefit plan and the challenges he faces as a business owner. You won’t miss Dean’s enthusiasm for all things in life in the podcast.  I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.  RB

The Benefits Corner: Episode 10-Louis Isabella CPA, CA, MBA

Can you believe we’re at 10 episodes already?  Ok, number 10 is a special episode as we have on Chartered Accountant Louis Isabella.  Louis’ career spans over 20 years and he has significant expertise in working with small-medium size businesses.  In this episode, Louis talks to us about areas business owners need to be on the lookout for, his proven process he uses with his clients, and some ways for businesses to mitigate risk within the company.  Finally, Louis shares his thoughts on why he went the non-traditional route with his employee benefits program and why he couldn’t be happier.  I really enjoyed this conversation and I hope you do too.  Enjoy! RB